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With SMACS, FASTCOM solves PCI-CP 2.0 security requirement for OBERTHUR with dual control

With SMACS, FASTCOM solves PCI-CP 2.0 security requirement for OBERTHUR with dual control

  • As a world first, FASTCOM secures with its SMACS the access to multiple secure production zones of OBERTHUR

  • The 6-doors SMACS airlock implements the new security standards PCI CP 2.0

  • Significant reduction in operating costs with no major construction work


Lausanne, Switzerland – 27th of June 2017

As a world first, FASTCOM Technology SA announces the completion of the project with OBERTHUR Technologies for securing the access to 4 secure zones simultaneously, with absolute dual control. The project respects the new PCI-CP 2.0 security standard.


The challenge: Headquartered in France, OBERTHUR Technologies (OT) is a world leader in embedded digital security, and operates in an industry heavily regulated under very strict security standards, such as the PCI CP and GSM SAS. OT has to implement in its facilities the new security standard PCI-CP 2.0 that was developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. The PCI CP 2.0 imposes strict access control measures such as performant anti-tailgating. It also requires that no person, even if allowed to enter, shall be alone in the secure zone (i.e. “dual control”). Moreover, OT requires having one solution for managing simultaneously the access to 4 secure production zones from one single public zone, as well as the emergency exit.


The solution: Thanks to the SMACS FlexMat of FASTCOM, the requirements of OBERTHUR Technologies are answered. Integrated into a 6-door airlock, the SMACS manages securely the flows of both the persons and material. It also imposes the dual control in the 4 secure production zones at the same time. The SMACS integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and is able to manage the 6-door airlock, including the emergency exit.

“The SMACS solution, developed by FASTCOM, answers the stringent requirements of the standards, while enabling a harmonious integration into the existing infrastructure. SMACS is the perfect solution for flexible and secure person-by-person anti-tailgating, as well as ensuring absolute dual control of restricted areas, by authorizing two people at the same time on first entry and final exit, segregating visitor control from OT personnel, and finally, securing at the same time in the same area as personnel, the flow of material. This in my opinion, is a world first, and has been certified by various Scheme Authorities from the payment and MNO industry.”

Mr. Andrew Smith, Chief Physical Security Director, OBERTHUR Technologies

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