"Thanks to SMACS Flex and SMACS Mat from FASTCOM, we can optimally secure the various flows of people and flows of material. We not only achieve high security standards, but we also enable flexible processes and customized uses. These features of the SMACS solutions help us achieving our goals of professional and efficient operations."

Christoph Baumgärtner, CEO,



FASTCOM Technology SA

Based in Switzerland and active since 1997, FASTCOM Technology SA is a leading company in securing physical flows and data flows. FASTCOM Technology SA offers solutions and services in the following domains:

The SMACS are reliable solutions for high performance and flexible anti-tailgating, based on a multi-sensor strategy. Many leading companies worldwide use SMACS to ensure their security. Typical applications are in data centers, secure production areas, airports, R & D and finance.


MCAS is  a complete solution of Licensing Authority Services (LAS) for connected devices. The MCASsolution provides integrated LAS, which cover specification, production,provisioning,hosting,

 renewal and revocation services.MCAS can manage multiple security assets.


FASTCOM Technology SA provides consulting services to solve the most challenging issues in security projects. Our activities range from strategic design to fully implemented turnkey solutions. Typical consulting projects include projects for TV set-top-boxes.


FASTCOM is your trusted partner for your security

Swiss made

FASTCOM is a Swiss company. It is subject to the Swiss laws which are an additional protection for our customer’s security.