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MCAS: solution for LAS (Licensing Authority Services)

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MCAS... What is it? (download brochure)

MCAS is  a complete solution of Licensing Authority Services (LAS) for connected devices. The MCAS solution provides integrated LAS, which cover specification, production, provisioning, hosting, renewal and revocation services.

MCAS can manage multiple security assets during their entire lifecycle and is based on industry standards. All data encompassed in MCAS are subject to the Swiss laws, which provides an additional data protection.

Typical connected devices are set-top boxes (STBs). Thanks to MCAS, the operator keeps direct control over the STBs deployed in the field, while preserving the security level of leading solutions (e.g. CAS, DRM, SSL, ...)

MCAS empowers the operator to freely choose the applications, the middleware and the security solutions for its STBs. If required, a multi-vendor approach is also possible as well as multiple chain security. Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost, even when the STBs are already deployed in the field.

The problem

Licensing authority services are traditionally provided by the security vendor as an extension to its security system. Consequently, the operator suffers from a vendor lock-in.

This loss of independence results in lower bidding power as well as reduced flexibility and responsiveness to market changes. Additionally, a multi-vendor security implementation is impossible, thus reducing the usability of the connected devices during their lifetime.

MCAS is the solution

MCAS allows the operator to regain control over the security components of

the infrastructure and therefore over the connected devices. The security is

ensured as MCAS integrates seamlessly multiple leading security systems,

while preventing any lock-in of the operator.

MCAS uses technology standards  such as ETSI TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010) /

SCTE 201 2013 or SSL. Typical security assets include root keys, derived

keys, JTAG keys and SSL certificates.

Application domains

Domains of application include payTV,  smart metering, medical devices,

mobile communication and networking devices.



Thanks to FASTCOM’s MCAS solution and its independence towards the security vendors, FOXTEL is able to achieve its goal of total control over the deployed iQ3 set-top-boxes while leveraging two proprietary CAS solutions running in parallel on the iQ3
Mr. Stephen Joyce, Senior Platform Security Lead, FOXTEL.


MCAS stands for...

Independent and professional solution for LAS

  • Integrated end-to-end solution for managing multiple security assets as well as the relationships to the vendors/suppliers

  • Independent from any vendor and based on industry standards

  • Compatible with leading security technologies

  • Modular and adaptable to specific needs

  • Professional solution with proven track record

  • Operating under Swiss regulations


Enables flexibility and market orientation

  • Partial or complete updates of already deployed devices at any time for a minimum cost during its entire lifecycle

  • Provision of new services for optimal alignment with changing market needs

  • Replacement of vendors if needed, also on deployed devices

  • No hardware change required


Security without lock-in

  • Compatible with the security solutions of leading vendors (e.g. CAS/DRM)

  • Multiple chain security is possible

  • Reconfigurable security during the entire product lifecycle

  • No vendor lock-in

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