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SMACS FlexMat - The high-security anti-tailgating solution combined with secure material management

Fastcom SMACS flexmat
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SMACS flexmat is the reliable and flexible solution for high security and flexible anti-tailgating combined with secure material flow. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it maintains high levels of security and prevents tailgating. SMACS flexmat ensures that your security processes are followed correctly at every transit and that they are adapted to your business requirements.

Anti-tailgating solution for 2 to 4 doors airlock where high security is needed, with integrated secure handling of material flow.

Typical examples are datacenters, logistic centers, critical infrastructure, secure production zones, financial institutions, airports, R&D centers, luxury goods production zones, prisons, governmental institutions, …

Part of the SMACS product line, SMACS flexmat is the reliable solution for automatic, highly secure and flexible anti-tailgating in a multi door environment combined with secure material transit. The size of the material corresponds to a EURO pallet. If needed, larger size of material can be handled. It is suited to a wide range of applications and may be easily retrofitted into the existing infrastructure.

SMACS flexmat provides high security protection against tailgating whilst allowing for flexible security processes to meet the individual needs of your business. For example, in parallel to high security anti-tailgating, SMACS flexmat can adapt itself to disabled people or allow for asymmetrical access procedures such as "single entry"/"free exit".

SMACS flexmat uses information on the user profile (i.e. UP functionality) to ensure better comfort and enhanced security.


SMACS flexmat is a Swiss-made solution that can either be a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with any existing access control system.

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