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FASTCOM Technology SA

FASTCOM Technology SA is an independent Swiss company which provides security solutions and security technical consulting services. Active since 1997, FASTCOM has renowned customers worldwide in markets such as finance, digital payTV, governments, credit card industry, datacenter, luxury goods and secure manufacturing.

The focus of FASTCOM is to secure flows, being physical or data flows. We believe that there is convergence taking place and that any turnkey security solution should integrate both aspects. Business-wise, we strongly believe in long term relationship with our customers and partners. As a company, we apply in our work the typical Swiss values of discretion and privacy which we consider instrumental to the market of security. FASTCOM is subject to the Swiss laws which are an additional protection for our customer’s security. FASTCOM works with valued partners for the different markets it serves.

FASTCOM has customers and installations all over the world. Names and references are available upon request.

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