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With SMACS solutions from FASTCOM, DCC Duisburg CityCom secures flows of people
and materials in a state office in NRW

  • DCC Duisburg CityCom secures the important relevant access points with SMACS.

  • People flows and material flows are automatically secured by SMACS solutions of FASTCOM and thus meet the highest safety standards.

  • SMACS solutions enable simultaneously security and flexibility.



Lausanne, Switzerland – 10 April 2024

FASTCOM Technology SA secures security-relevant access points of a state office in NRW.

The customer: CityCom is a sister company of “Stadtwerke Duisburg AG”. As a specialist infrastructure and supply for fiber optic, telephony and high-speed Internet, through cloud solutions, data center capacities and much more, they offer solutions for private and business customers.


The challenge: The security concept meets the highest security standards. All flows of people and materials into the IT areas must be secured. Access must be quick and easy for authorized employees, but impassable for unauthorized persons. Material transports must be possible both separately and combined with simultaneous personnel access.


The solution: SMACS FlexMat is implemented to optimally secure the flow of people and materials. People and material flows can be integrated into the existing infrastructure in two- or multi-door mantraps without additional construction work. SMACS can be implemented in almost any typology of mantrap and meet the specific organizational requirements. Special modes (cleaning mode, VIP mode, emergency exit mode, etc.) are available.

«The 24/7 protection of access points against unauthorized access is a key aspect of physical access
control and therefore a central point of the access management. With SMACS solutions, all the customer
security requirements for the flow of people and combined flows of people and materials can be

Cristian Stoll, System Technology / Information Technology, DCC Duisburg CityCom


FASTCOM is a leading company in providing multi-flow airlock solutions. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company and is active worldwide for more than 25 years. For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
+41 21 619 06 75

Alexandros Delibamidis

+49 173 522 63 85

Press release (PDF)

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