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With the SMACS solutions of FASTCOM, WILO Gruppe secures the access to its headquarter

  • WILO Gruppe has developed with the Fraunhofer Institute the creative “Future Office Concept”. Use of the lifts is limited to authorized persons, while preserving the architectural requirements of the building.

  • The SMACS Lift of FASTCOM makes sure that the lifts only start when all the persons have been identified.

  • Seamless and invisible integration of the SMACS Lift into the lifts allows for modern and comfortable working environment.


Lausanne, Switzerland – 1 December 2021

FASTCOM Technology SA announces the completion of the project with WILO Gruppe for its new headquarter. The access to the different floors is granted lifts that are equipped with SMACS Lift. Therefore, all the persons accessing the upper floors must identify themselves. The SMACS Lifts are integrated in traditional lifts, without any visible architectural impact.

The challenge: WILO Gruppe is one of the world's leading premium suppliers of pump systems for building technology, water management and industry. For its new headquarter, it wants an optimal security aligned on the “Future Office Concept”. In particular, WILO Gruppe wants to be sure that all the persons accessing the upper floors of the building have the right to do so. A further requirement is that the architectural design of the building is preserved and that the security systems are as invisible as possible. Therefore, invasive mechanical solutions, like turnstiles or speed gates, cannot be used. Finally, the selected solution must allow for flexible usages according to the operational needs.


The solution: The SMACS Lift is the solution to meet the required specifications. Integrated seamlessly into the existing lifts, the SMACS Lift makes sure that only the authorized persons have access to the upper floors of the building. Special modes, including “material relocation” mode and specific passage processes, are available.

“The invisible and seamless integration into our elevators meets the highest safety requirements without restricting our employees or influencing the building architecture. SMACS Lift therefore fits in perfectly with our modern office concept.”

David Wiethölter, Architecture & Building Services, WILO Gruppe


FASTCOM is a leading company in providing multi-flow airlock solutions. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company and is active worldwide for more than 20 years. For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
+41 21 619 0670

Eugen Zähler

+49 2241 168 9004

Press release (PDF)

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