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SMACS Lift - The secure anti-tailgating solution for lifts

Fastcom SMACS lift
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SMACS lift is the secure and reliable solution against tailgating for elevators, maintaining secure access to restricted floors from a public space. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it prevents tailgating via an elevator. SMACS lift ensures that your security processes are followed correctly at every transit and that they are adapted to your business requirements.

Anti-tailgating solution for securing that only authorized people use the elevator/lift.

Typical examples are headquarters, datacenters, financial institutions, R&D centers, …

Part of the SMACS product line, SMACS lift is the reliable solution for automatic, secure anti-tailgating for an elevator providing to secure floors from a public floor. SMACS lift is installed at the elevator cabin and provides secure anti-tailgating. More than one user can take the lift as long as they all have correct access rights. It is suited to a wide range of applications and may be easily retrofitted into the existing elevator infrastructure.

SMACS lift provides secure anti-tailgating for elevator whilst allowing for flexible security processes that meet the individual needs of your business. For example, in parallel to secure anti-tailgating, SMACS lift can allow for visitor management or define, as a parameter, the maximum number of people allowed to have access simultaneously to the secure floors.

SMACS lift is a Swiss-made solution that can either be a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with any existing access control system.

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