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For a bank customer, KDDI France creates a high security zone in its Paris
datacentre with FASTCOM's
SMACS solutions

  • KDDI France provides global IT solutions and built its own datacenter in 2021.

  • For a bank customer, a high security zone must be set-up in order to limit the access to the customer’s employees. All the entering and exiting physical flows must be controlled.

  • The SMACS FlexMat controls all the entering and exiting flows of people and of material, while allowing for operational flexibility.



Lausanne, Switzerland – 30 August 2023

FASTCOM Technology SA announces the collaboration with KDDI France, Paris (France). KDDI France provides global IT solutions, performant and secure. Thanks to its datacenter launched in 2021, French “Wohlesales” and “Cloud Iass” solutions are offered. In order to set-up a high security zone for a bank customer, the solution SMACS FlexMat is installed in the datacenter. Securing simultaneously the flows of people and of material, the SMACS solutions ensure an optimal security, while allowing for an operational flexibility. The project has been carried out in collaboration with the company GENETEC for the access control.

The challenge: KDDI France offers its customers customized, high-performance and safe solutions. For a banking customer, a secure zone must be created so that the computer racks are accessible only to its employees. All incoming and outgoing flows of people and materials must be secured. This security must not come at the expense of operational flexibility and ease of use.


The solution: FASTCOM's SMACS FlexMat solution meets the needs specified by KDDI's customer. Requiring no major construction work, SMACS integrates seamlessly into the existing architectural and technical infrastructure. It simultaneously controls and secures the flow of people, including wheelchair users, and materials (up to "Euro pallet" size). Special modes, including "emergency exit" and "VIP" modes, are available.

«We were looking for an innovative, high-performance solution to control access for people andequipment entering and leaving the area where our customer's IT racks are located. FASTCOM's SMACS FlexMat solution ensures optimum security for the various flows in and out of the secure zone, while providing a high degree of operational flexibility.»

M. Kergustanc, site manager, KDDI, Paris, France

About KDDI France

KDDI France, the French subsidiary of Japan's leading telecommunications company, offers companies and local authorities comprehensive IT infrastructure and technology solutions. Its areas of expertise include IT infrastructures, secure Cloud-based Infrastructure «As A Service solutions», managed services and value-added systems integration. By building its first data center in 2021, KDDI France is making a lasting contribution to the French digital ecosystem by developing the "Wholesale" segment, as well as its French Cloud Iaas offering.


FASTCOM is a leading company in providing multi-flow airlock solutions. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company and is active worldwide for more than 25 years. For more information, please visit:

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