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ewl Rechenzentrum AG relies on FASTCOM's SMACS solutions for the security
of its datacenter’s material mantrap

  • ewl Rechenzentrum AG builds a new climate-friendly datacenter, which is to be highly secure and sustainable.

  • In accordance with DATASIGN's design, a high level of security must be implemented.

  • ewl Rechenzentrum AG has chosen FASTCOM's SMACS Mat system to secure access to the datacenter.


Lausanne, Switzerland – 1st February 2023

FASTCOM Technology SA announces the completion of the project with ewl Rechenzentrum AG for its new and energy efficient datacenter. DATASIGN has developed the design of the datacenter and has provided the overall project management. For optimal security of the data center, FASTCOM's SMACS Mat solution has been installed in the material mantrap to ensure that only material passes through the mantrap.

The challenge: ewl Rechenzentrum AG is building a new colocation datacenter in Luzern. The datacenter is to be energy efficient, modular and very modern. Based on many years of experience with such projects, DATASIGN has designed the datacenter. An important point in the design is the security of the flow of people and/or materials. In particular, there is a material mantrap in the datacenter, through which only material should pass. The control must be automatic and special passage processes, such as the emergency exit mode, must be implemented. In addition, the mantrap must be comfortable to use and be optimally adapted to the architecture of the building.


The solution: The SMACS Mat is the solution that meets the needs of securing the material flow through the mantrap. The SMACS system integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. Special modes, including emergency exit mode and specific passage processes are available.

«Fastcom's solution helps us to manage the flow of materials in a simple, secure and auditable way,
both in and out of the data center. Our customers really appreciate it»

Marco Reinhard, Director, ewl Rechenzentrum AG, Switzerland

About ewl

ewl "energie wasser luzern" has built a high-security “Stollen Luzern datacenter” in the heart of the city of Luzern. The datacenter is located in an underground bunker complex, protected from the outside world. The operation is highly energy-efficient: the datacenter is powered by environmentally friendly electricity and cooled by water from Lake Lucerne. In addition, the heat generated by the servers is used as a heat source to heat the surrounding buildings.


DATASIGN develops, builds and operates datacenter infrastructures. From customer-focused enterprise datacenters to large colocation datacenters, DATASIGN covers all the specialized disciplines under one roof. Its customers also appreciate its post-completion operational support in all areas.


FASTCOM is a leading company in providing multi-flow airlock solutions. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company and is active worldwide for more than 20 years. For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
+41 21 619 0670

Eugen Zähler

+49 2241 168 9004

Alexandros Delibamidis

+49 173 522 63 85

Press release (PDF)

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