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For the security of its new datacenter in Ingolstadt, AUDI trusts
again the SMACS solutions of

  • AUDI requires for its new datacenter an efficient access control. In doing so, the requirements for the building are achieved.

  • SMACS solutions were already installed 10 years ago
    in other datacenters of AUDI.


  • The new datacenter has various mantraps equipped
    SMACS FlexMat, which automatically secure the
    flows of people and material simultaneously.


Lausanne, Switzerland – 16 February 2022

FASTCOM Technology SA announces the completion of the project of the new datacenter of AUDI in the IN-Campus in Ingolstadt, Germany. AUDI already had SMACS solutions installed in other datacenters 10 years ago. Due to the positive experience, AUDI wants to use the SMACS solutions again in its new datacenter. Therefore, mantraps with 2 doors as well as mantraps with 3 doors of the new datacenter are equipped with SMACS FlexMat.

The challenge: AUDI is building a new datacenter in the technology park “IN-Campus” in Ingolstadt, Germany. A key point of this project is that access security must be guaranteed not only for the flow of people, but also for the flow of material with a length up to 2.5 meters. In addition to security, great flexibility of use is also required. For example, it must be possible, if needed, to fully open the mantrap or to use the mantrap in a simple mantrap mode.


The solution: The new datacenter has the same requirements as the existing AUDI datacenters, where SMACS systems have been in use since 2012. Due to the positive experience of using them over the course of almost 10 years, AUDI has once again opted for the SMACS solutions of FASTCOM.


FASTCOM is a leading company in providing multi-flow airlock solutions. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company and is active worldwide for more than 20 years. For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
+41 21 619 0670

Eugen Zähler

+49 2241 168 9004

Press release (PDF)

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