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FASTCOM extends its MCAS solution for 4K STB security

  • FASTCOM’s MCAS solution now provides improved security for 4K set-top boxes (STBs).

  • Relying on the SSL protocol, the MCAS-SSL Credential integrates easily in existing infrastructure of all major System on Chip (SoC) and middleware vendors.

  • The MCAS is a full suite of licensing authority services for STBs based on industry standards such as ETSI TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010), SSL, TLS and PKCS.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - June 28th, 2016

FASTCOM Technology SA, a leading company in licensing authority services for the payTV market, announces that its MCAS solution now supports SSL credentials to secure 4K STBs deployed in the field.

With the advent of 4K STBs, payTV operators need to implement a two-way authentication between the head-end and the STBs deployed in the field. The MCAS–SSL Credential is deployed to create a trusted connection between the payTV operators’ head-end and the STBs. This provides confidentiality and mutual authentication. The MCAS–SSL Credential comes with a web-based interface that allows the payTV operator to maintain full control over the SSL credentials – and therefore over the deployed STBs.


The MCAS–SSL Credential supports two modes of operation, either by embedding the root of trust in the hardware or by using an existing root of trust provided by the SoC. The hardware root of trust can only be established during manufacturing of the SoC. For STBs which are already deployed, an existing secure channel can be used to provision keys and certificates.

The MCAS–SSL Credential is built as an extension to the MCAS solution and thus leverages the already implemented processes, infrastructure and services. All cryptographic operations are performed offline using an HSM. The processes can be easily adapted to match business requirements.

A cloud based user interface for the management of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is put in place. All aspects to manage one or several PKIs can be controlled, including the generation, replacement and revocation of keys and certificates. If needed, the MCAS–SSL Credentials management solution can be completely integrated into the processes of the payTV operator.

"The MCAS–SSL Credential brings to our customers functionalities that are instrumental for 4K STBs. The MCAS–SSL Credential is an important step to make the MCAS solution a complete offering of independent Licensing Authority Services."

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni, Managing Director, FASTCOM Technology SA

As a company, FASTCOM is fully independent from any vendor. Furthermore, all data encompassed in the MCAS are subject to the Swiss laws, which provides an additional protection for our clients.

FASTCOM is a Swiss-based company leading in standard-based solutions for the payTV security market, such as licensing authority services and consulting services. FASTCOM is independent and neutral towards any security, STB and chipset vendor. FASTCOM has expertise in security standards such as SCTE 201 2013 and ETSI TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010). For more information, please visit


Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
Managing director
+41 (0)21 619 0670


Press release (PDF)


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