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SMACS: Secure Mantrap Access Control System

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The SMACS are reliable solutions for high performance and flexible anti-tailgating, based on a multi-sensor strategy. Many leading companies worldwide use SMACS to ensure their security. Typical applications are in data centers, secure production areas, airports, R & D and finance.

With SMACS, a multi-flow security can be implemented within a single infrastructure, thus providing more security while saving space. The flows that are managed by SMACS are the flows of people, of people with disabilities, of people with extreme body sizes, of hand luggage and of equipment. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, SMACS are the natural complement to any identification system such as ID cards and biometric sensors.

SMACS flexibility also allows to set-up security processes that are aligned with the customer needs. Examples of such processes are the "symmetric security" mode, the "asymmetric security" mode, the "single lock" mode, the "VIP" mode, the "transport" mode, ...

Patented and Swiss-made, SMACS are compatible with many security standards in different types of industry (i.e. PCI, AEO, TAPA, IFS, …).

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