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TELEFONICA selects FASTCOM’S MCAS solution to securely sign software for its PROTEUS set-top-boxes

  • TELEFONICA has selected FASTCOM MCAS solution
    for signing its PROTEUS set-top-boxes software


  • MCAS allows for efficient and secure signing of the
    PROTEUS software


  • With MCAS, TELEFONICA defines and implements its secure SW signing strategy, independently from any vendor


Lausanne, Switzerland – 14 September 2021

FASTCOM Technology SA a leading company in security services for mission critical devices, announces the partnership with TELEFONICA for the use of the MCAS solution. The MCAS solution of FASTCOM allows TELEFONICA to securely sign the software images to be installed on the PROTEUS set-top-boxes (STBs). As a 24/7 available managed service, the MCAS allows TELEFONICA to rapidly and professionally sign the software PROTEUS images, independently from any vendor.

The challenge: In order to be more efficient and reactive to the market requirements, TELEFONICA needs to autonomously secure the new software versions of the PROTEUS STBs. Therefore, a solution for securely signing the STB software images is required. This solution shall permit TELEFONICA to be independent from any vendor.


The solution: The MCAS is complete License Authority Services (LAS) offering a secure signing tool. Implemented as a managed service, the MCAS signing tool is available 24/7 online, while data are stored in Switzerland. Independent from any vendor, the MCAS service professionally centralizes all the signing activities of the different TELEFONICA teams around the world, from R&D phase to production phase.

“The MCAS signing tool allows TELEFONICA to efficiently carry out the signing of our PROTEUS software images, independently from any vendor. This results in more flexibility and a better customer-orientation.”

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni, CEO of FASTCOM Technology SA


FASTCOM is a Swiss-based company leading in standard-based solutions for the PayTV security market. FASTCOM is independent and neutral towards any CAS&DRM vendors and chipset vendors. FASTCOM is subject to the Swiss laws, which are an additional protection for our customer’s security. For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
+41 (0)21 619 0670


Press release (PDF)

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