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FASTCOM’s MCAS solution selected to support licencing authority for FOXTEL’s iQ5 full IP set-top box

  • FOXTEL launches its premier experience iQ5 set-top-box that offers the full FOXTEL
    experience on an IP set-top-box.


  • FASTCOM’s MCAS solution provides FOXTEL with total control on iQ5 applications, middleware and CAS security solutions. Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost.

  • The MCAS is a full suite for integrated management of the keys and the credentials, as well as the needed signing tools, using the standard ETSI TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010)


Lausanne, Switzerland – 9 November 2021

FASTCOM Technology SA, a leading company in standard-based solutions for the PayTV security market, today announces that its MCAS solution has been selected by FOXTEL to provide the licensing authority services for the new iQ5 set-top-box.

This news follows FOXTEL’s recent launch of the iQ5; the latter offers customers access to the full FOXTEL experience via IP. The iQ5 also allows the aggregation of multiple services from different vendors, positioning itself as versatile platform for a better customer experience.

The MCAS solution has previously already been selected by FOXTEL for its iQ3 and iQ4 set-top-boxes. The selection of the MCAS for the iQ5 is therefore a continuation of FOXTEL strategy to retain full control over its set-top-boxes, allowing for faster market response and for more efficient resource planning.

The MCAS solution provides keys and credentials services that allows FOXTEL to operate the iQ5 in a multi-vendor security strategy with three different CAS solutions installed, namely SYNAMEDIA, NAGRA and IRDETO. As for the iQ3 and iQ4, the MCAS allows FOXTEL to keep total control over the deployed iQ5 in terms of applications, middleware and CAS security solution.

FASTCOM’s MCAS solution provides integrated management of the keys and credentials, as well as the signing tools, needed for the set-top-boxes. The MCAS preserves the security level of traditional CAS implementations, but gives the payTV operator the opportunity to retain control on the set-top-boxes in the field. In addition, the MCAS enables the payTV operator to implement dynamically a multi-vendor approach. Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost. The MCAS uses the ETSI standard TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010) and does not use any proprietary technology.


FASTCOM is a Swiss-based company, certified by many countries’ security authorities, leading in standard-based solutions for the pay-tv security market, such as licensing authority services and consulting services. FASTCOM is independent and neutral towards any security, STB and chipset vendor. FASTCOM has expertise in security standards such as SCTE 201 2013 and ETSI TS 103 162 (K-LAD 2010). For more information, please visit:

Dr. Fabrice Moscheni
Managing Director

+41 21 619 0670


Press release (PDF)

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