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FASTCOM Technology SA enters into a strategic partnership with Thales e-security

FASTCOM Technology SA enters into a strategic partnership with Thales e-security

  • FASTCOM Technology SA has entered into the ASAP program (Alliance for Solution and Application Providers) of Thales.

  • The MCAS solution of FASTCOM is a LAS (Licensing Authorities Solution) for set-top boxes used by major PayTV operator.

  • Leveraging Thales HSMs to implement industry standards, the MCAS solution provides PayTV operators with the flexibility to have multiple CAS/DRM on their Set-top boxes and the ability to change, at desire, the applications, the middleware and the security CAS/DRM solutions running on the STBs already in the field.

  • Thales is a leading company in providing HSMs, Key Management, Network Encryption and other data security solutions that deliver operational efficiency.


LAUSANNE, 19th January 2016

FASTCOM Technology SA, a leading company in LAS for Set-top boxes, has entered into a strategic partnership with Thales e-security through the Alliance for Solution and Application Providers (ASAP) program. FASTCOM has been using the Thales HSM solution for its MCAS solution for ensuring the security of the data.

“Our partnership with Thales e-security brings together extensive knowledge in the two domains of data security and PayTV industry. This results in our solution MCAS to implement efficient security processes and solutions that are aligned with modern business requirements”

Tamar Kranenburg MSc, Head of MCAS operations, FASTCOM Technology SA

FASTCOM’s MCAS is an integrated licensing authority solution that enables payTV operators to independently choose the application, middleware, and security solution running on set-top boxes (STBs). Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost. The MCAS relies on the industry standards ETSI TS 103 162, K-LAD-2010 and SCTE 201-2013, and does not use proprietary technology. FASTCOM’s products are subject to strict Swiss privacy laws, which provide additional protection to its customers. MCAS is used successfully by major payTV operators.

The MCAS solution uses Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to securely generate and manage the cryptographic keys embedded within the television receiver's chipset. Thales nShield HSMs provide a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified environment with strict dual supervision and control that establishes the foundation of trust for the licensing authority services.

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