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Anti-tailgating in an asymmetrical space and with a complex infrastructure

  • FASTCOM secures with SMACS® the datacenter of a renowned German multinational company.

  • The SMACS anti-tailgating solution integrates seamlessly into the complex infrastructure (asymmetric space, integrated lift, material flow management ...) and meets user needs.

  • Significant reduction in operating costs for the customer.


LAUSANNE, Switzerland - 26th of January 2016

FASTCOM Technology SA secures with its SMACS solutions the datacenter of a renowned multinational company based in the south-east of Germany, enabling the datacenter to meet the requirements imposed by security standards "TÜV-IT, Level 3".

The challenge of this project lies in the complex infrastructure of the access area. Transport of material between the two swinging doors should be maintained (see map). The use of mechanical security elements is impossible because the material flow would be blocked and it would not be possible to use the lock as an emergency exit any longer. In spite of these constraints, the objective is to control the tailgating in front of the elevator as the latter gives access to the corporate datacenter.

SMACS was able to meet customer specifications while integrating into the existing complex infrastructure. SMACS performs the vacuity check over the whole airlock (see “blue area”) and allows defining an integrated zone (see “orange area”) for the passage of material in the datacenter. It is possible to retain the existing high quality doors while implementing flows of people and flows of materials that are specific to the customer needs. No modification of the infrastructure is needed in the airlock as the SMACS is based on the use of intelligent sensors.

"Our client has long sought for a solution that meets their specifications and that do not lead to works at the infrastructure level. The SMACS solution meets its demands with flexibility and high performance."

Eugen Zähler, Fastcom Technology SA

With SMACS, human intervention to ensure the security is no longer needed. The system is fully automatic, thereby relieving the staff of the control center. SMACS allows implementing all organizational and functional requirements of the customer.

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