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SMACS : solutions for multi-flow security in anti-tailgating

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Use Cases

The SMACS are flexible and performant solutions against tailgating. Since 1999, numerous entrances and passages have been successfully secured with SMACS solutions. More information on specific use cases may be found in our press releases.

SMACS are able to secure multiple types of flows simultaneously (people, people with disabilities, people with extreme body sizes, hand luggage and equipment). SMACS can be installed and integrated seamlessly in existing infrastructure. SMACS operation modes are aligned on the requirements of the customers and include such modes as the "symmetric security" mode, the "asymmetric security" mode, the "single lock" mode, the "VIP" mode, the "transport" mode, ...

The SMACS solutions have been used to enforce many demanding security standards in different market sectors. Such standards include PCI-CP, IFS, TAPA, AEO, ...


Typical applications are in:

  • Datacentres

  • Secured production zones

  • Financial institutions

  • Airports

  • Vaults

  • Government facilities

  • Critical infrastructure: army, defense, ...

  • Laboratories and R&D centers

  • Headquarters

  • Prisons

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